Re: Primary Coil Design


We have tested the idea about the toroid being a shorted turn (it is) and 
its relation to the primary (none).  We covered this in one of our tapes, I 
believe.  The toroid is just not in the primary field at all!  The secondary 
is only coupled near its base , and the effective coupling higher up on the 
secondary is near ZIP!  Unless you have a very short coil, any size toroid 
will not effectively couple to the primary at all.  I believe we measured a 
coupling at 4 feet separation from our giant 56" diameter toroid and 4 foot 
diameter primary on "Nemesis"  of  K=.0046.  That's about 36 watts loss at 
8KW.  We probably lose more than this in the UV component of the light from 
the Rotary!

The only realized effects of the toroid are:
1. Reduction of the Resonator's base impedance
2. A large isotropic capacity which allows large voltages to be attained.
3. Energy Storage
4. Electrostatic shielding (shading) of the top turns.

These are listed in order of their relative value and importance.

The primary is only used to drop energy (magnetic) into the resonator. 
 Beyond this, it is total liability to good operation of the system.  For 
two coil systems we have found that a shallow inverted cone, archemedian 
spiral performs best on two coil systems.

We have also recorded and noted that there is a critical distance from the 
secondary where the toroid shifts from a Q booster to a Q destroyer.  This 
is undoubtedly related to its effect upon the top of the resonator coil.

     Richard Hull, TCBOR
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