Re: Pole-pig questions

DELCOKEVIN-at-aol-dot-com wrote:

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> I just recieved my first pole pig myself today. It was also from T&R. It is 15KVA 19.9KV xfmr. I bought it for $395 
>shipping to Michigan and a 2 year warrentyincluded.I had 
>also priced a 14.4kv 10kva xfmr out at $295 including 
>shipping from both Soloman and T&R. I had a hard time 
>picking which company to choose. Everyone has had praises 
>for both companies. Chicken of the Sea or Starkist, I just don't know.
> Does anyone else have a comment on the 2 mentioned 
>           Kevin M. Conkey

Hello Kevin:

   I think that I have an idea about your thoughts when you 
got your pole pig.  I got a 10 KVA 14,400 VAC from T&R back 
in about January and I was pretty pleased with it too.  One 
thing that I did was to have it shipped without oil.  The 
only way to get it home was to lay it down in the back of my 
Suburban.  All I could think of was a oil leak when I placed 
the order and the weight.  T&R said 200-300 lbs, so I wanted 
to keep it as light as possible too.  My 10 KVA turned out to 
be easy for my brother and I to move around -- how was that 
15 KVA?  Do you need a hernia operation now??  I figure on 
putting my pig on a small tray of sorts with casters so I can 
move it around after I get ready to start testing things.  
Just want to save my back.  
    Last night I wound my first choke using one of the Arnold 
cores many of us have purchased, explained to my wife it was 
an inductor for a filter on the Tesla Coil.  Today I picked 
up a Century Arc welder and just said I got another inductor, 
no comments yet about the size of this one!