Re: Primary Coil Design

Hi Harry,

Say, why don't you shape a work coil into a Tesla primary and wind a 
secondary to match your operating frequency.  At 25KW continuous power 
you'd have a beautiful whipping, hissing, spitting, display.  I built a 
FET driver that operated at 8KW continuous which produced a 4 foot 
sheet of electrical flame that sounded like hell's welding torch.  
Several years ago I combed an induction heater surplus yard with just 
this idea in mind.   Do it, do it, do it.



>I,ve been working with induction heaters in the 200 kHz to 600 kHz
>frequency range for about 5 years now.  One common material that is 
>easy to heat inductively is graphite. It has  a resistivity about 800
>times higher than copper.  This means it gets hot a lot faster than
>copper does in the same RF field.