Re: Tesla and Measurements.

Hi Alan,

The secondary was wound with 22awg teflon wire around a standard size 
55 gallon polyethylene barrel (talk about slippery!).  It resonates at 
80KHz.  This lower frequency is much easier on the FETs because they 
get to enjoy a longer on/off time compared to the time spent in 
transition.  The primary was 20 turns of 1/4 inch copper tubing in a 
straight helix, 30 inches in diameter, placed at the bottom of the 
secondary.  Flashover problems were severe and dielectric was needed 
between the windings.  I would do it again with a larger diameter 



>Mark could you give me some details of the primary and secondary of
>your FET coil. I just begining to see beyond solving the electronics
>problems and looking at the next set of problems which is getting
>my head around coils, and coupling. My present primary is just
>9 turns of twin core flex round a plastic bucket, using both cores in
>series. (I found that using just one core the current protection came
>on very early limiting the amount of power I could put into the coil.
>Frustrating but better than blowing FETs. (Secondary 1600 turns
>0.4mm wire on a 4" pipe, 210khz resonance).