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>Subject: transformers
>Hello all,
>I ran across 3 transformers in steel cabinets and wondered if anyone knows
>if they are of any use for tesla apps. or what? The info plate says:
>model CLT-5000-CBB
>HZ 60
>Vin  120/208/240      Iin   59/34/29.4
>Vout 120/240          Iout  41.6/20.8
>The trannys themselves are about 10" square and weigh at least 70 lbs.
>Inside the cabinet, I could just make out some caps. (about 6 of 'em) that
>were 7" tall tubular and 1.5-1.75" dia. There were no big insulators or
>anything to indicate high voltage on the caps or the transformers. That's
>about all the info I could get; Anybody know what they are? The guy'll hold
>'em till I call, otherwise they be junked out.
>                                Ken Cravens


They sound like isolation transformers.  V out = V in.  Somebody might want
them but I can't think of a Tesla coil application.

Ed Sonderman