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>That's what all of us have been trying to figure out and which has 
>recently been the subject of much discussion on the net.  In my own 
>experience I use a relatively high value air core choke on each leg 
>of the neon,  I have used  140 to 320 millihenries with good success. 
>I then place a needle point safety gap directly across the neon.  On 
>my 60 MA 15000 volt neon system (320 mH chokes in oil) this gap is set at 1&3/16th's
>of an inch.  It fires occasionally.  I use no series swamping resistors and 
>have not lost a neon transformer yet.  On the other hand,  I HAVE lost transformers
>when I've tried to employ 250 or 500 PF transformer bypass caps. 

>There are engineers in the group (no offence implied guys) with sophsticated
>computer CAD programs who will tell you that my approach is doomed to failure.

No, I will question my understanding of the RFI circuit tho. I don't
argue with results! When you read me talking about running face first
into the hard wall of reality, you can assume that I've discovered my
belief on how something works didn't match observed results. A common
place occurrence, it's quite humbling.

>I'm not convinced that computers can always model physical reality.  
>Software is only as good as the guy's understanding of reality who 
>wrote it. 

SPICE is a classic example of GIGO, it will present you with beautiful
looking results that are absolute garbage!

> All I know is what works for me.  Like anything else in life, ya pays your
>money,  and ya takes yer chances.  Good luck.
Observed results, and the school of hard arcs:)
>If you desire more detailed info on my air core chokes, let me know.
I would.