Re: Variable Resistor

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>Has anyone ever used a variable resistor in place of a variac on your
>coils?  I have been having a problem because of blown fuses.  My variac
>is rated at 120V, 7.5A.  My transformer runs at ups that to 15000V,
>60mA, so when I have the variac at 100V, the transformer tries to draw
>9A and blows the 8A fuse in the variac.  I thought I could use a
>variable resistor in it's place.  I understand that this will vary
>power and wondered what type of effects I will see as opposed to the
>with the variac.
>Matt Ptak


Variable resistors in series with your neon sign transformer will limit the
current as well as the voltage.  They don't work well as a voltage control.
 You really need to get a larger variac.

Ed Sonderman