Re: Induction Heating Probe

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>>>                IIIIII          alcolhol thermometer
>>>                IIIIII                
>>>                   ^graphite tube epoxied to thermometer bulb
	Last night I did put some graphite powder in a crucible. I
fired my TC (primary only) for 10 seconds, no temperature rise that I
could detect with my calibrated finger:) I raised the crucible up 1"
then 2", still no temp rise. I packed the graphite powder as tightly
as I could and repeated the 3 experiments. No observable temperature
rise. I went on to other things.

Later I found that my rotary gap, a saw blade spinning near and
electrode, would not quench. So I was trying to heat the graphite with
a (almost) DC magnetic field!  This also explains why my TC's output
is smaller than it was with my neon. To much power, the spark gap is
not quenching.

I will try again when I have a better (working) rotary gap.


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