Re: Second Generation 6"

Thanks for the encouragement to proceed as visioned Richard  :-)

I have cut the 6" diamter acrylic tube down to 32" in length.  .250" 
acrylic end caps have been epoxied on both ends sealing the tube.
I hope to take this over and wind about 26-26.5" of 22ga enameled
magnet wire this weekend.  The ground connection is a piece of 1x2"
copper flashing epoxied to the side of the coil about half an inch 
from the base.   About 2 turns of wire starting from the ground 
connection that are spaced widely gives some distance between that 
connection and where the voltage starts to build.    We are now about
2.5-3" above the bottom of the tube with wire.  From this point on,
I'll wind as tightly as possible untill the desired length of wind is 
reached.  (Wind length is the close wound portion).  After achieving
my goal of 26-26.5", the final 2-3 turns will be wide spaced again 
terminating at the very top of the enclosed tube.  While still on the 
lathe, a thick coat of Behr build 50 will be applied over the whole
works except for where the copper ground point is.  Leave about 6-8
inches of extra wire when done winding for your top capacitance 
(torroid) connection.  I make an extra cap out of acrylic and drill a 
countersunk hole in the middle.  Then I trim and solder a brass 
flathead countersunk machine screw to the top wire.  Using more epoxy
(jeez, I love that stuff),  this gets glued on top of the coil.  Now I 
can use a couple of washers and nuts to terminate the load instead of 
worrying about breaking the top wire.     

This is actually my 4th secondary.  First one was  ignition coil 
powered made out of a paper towel roll.  Second was a 4" acrylic that
I killed via the drop test.  (Gonna smoke that one outside this 
summer), and the third is another 4"  that works pretty well.

***Grab a copy of Richards coilbld.zip from ftp nic.funet.fi
       /pub/sci/electrical/tesla/misc ****
Thats where I got my start three and a half foot of arcs ago.


> This system sounds mighty fine to me. It doesn't sound like
> "blundering" as you would have some of us believe.
> For the benefit of some of the new coilers on the block how about
> an in depth description of the proposed secondary parameters?
> Richard Quick
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