Coil Length

Quoting Alan.Jones-at-kaboodle.is-dot-net (Alan Jones):

> I have read in several places that a coil should be wound with
> between 800-1000 turns. And I have read about diameter-to- 
> height ratios. 

This is good info.

> And then I see a picture of a coil 2 ft. across and looks like
> slightly over 3 ft. tall. And they say it puts out 10 ft. 
> discharges with 750 close turns of 22 gauge wire. I am 
> completely confused now. 

What is the source of this info? Are you 100% sure it is

> I was thinking about winding one on a 6 inch pvc form with 24 
> gauge wire. I wanted to use the 24 gauge simply because I 
> already have it, along with a section of 6 inch pvc. 

Go for it!

> But to wind on the 6 inch pvc (which is 6.625 inches o.d.) I 
> would need to wind 26.5 inches if I follow the diameter-to- 
> height standard of 4:1 and that would be 1227 turns. What if I
> did wind one like this? Would it work right or should it just 
> be wound up to 1000 turns, about 21.5 inches, and then stopped?

Wind about 1000 turns on it. 

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