> RD> Tesla, as far as I know, used PCB's alot...???
	A leetle tricky.  I don't believe they were invented until the
	1930s, certainly not popularized untill then.  (they are a manmade
	compound.)  (what happened was that the growing use of AC power led to
	growing use of oil insulated transformers.  HOT transformers & Hot oil
	led to some nasty fires, with electric sparks to get things going.
	Europe tended towards air insulated/cooled transformers.  In the US
	"inert" "oils" (Pyranol, a PCB mix was a common one) were used in oil
	cooled/insulated gear.  It was THOUGHT to be quite inert...

>Highly doubtful. I have no record that Tesla worked with large
>quantities of chlorine gas required for synthesis. Commercial PCB
>mixtures were not available until the 1930s.
	What we do have records of is Tesla working in C Springs with Glass
	for dielectric & salt water for electrodes.  I bet he GENERATED some Cl,
	in passing.  I have not seen records of what was used in
	LI/Wardenclyffe.  Tesla does describe working with oil immersed coils,
	however i THINK these are all defined as mineral oil, or whatever.