Phasing of multiple Transformers

Possibly Silly Suggestion:

On coils using multiple power transformers, especially during initial debugging,
would it be desirable to have each output fused separately?

Any connected out of phase should blow fuse(s), indicating clearly that
Something Was Rong.

This may be a dumb idea:

	1) HV fuses are hard to come by...
	2) Low current fuses are hard to come by...

In more detail:
	1) typical fuses are designed to interupt 110VAC, NOT 15KV & up.
	A bare fuse (I am thinking glass, tubular, not "edison (8)>>) base")
	with wires on it for temporary use might do.  Or simply a bit of VERY
	fine wire.  Either mounted so as to not dreate a hazard when it blows.

	2) Low current fuses, as little over the rating as possible, as neon
	sign transformers (especially) will self protect. [1]  Maybe from finest

Or does the self protection make such coomplexity as addded fuses redundundat?
Even if the neon sign transformer is not damaged, a blown fuse would indicate a
phasing problem _quick_.  My guess (comments???) is that at least with neon
sign transformers, the self protecting design would make it useless to fuse
the _primary_.