making a good ground..

Hello all,

It appears that there are two kinds of grounding rods in use - copper
coated and zinc-coated (cheaper). Is there a definite difference
between the performance of these in RF-usage (tesla-coil grounding) 
or could one just as well use some cheapest possible rod one can get?

Those official grounding rods are quite expensive compared to the
fact that they are just a piece of steel rod with a little coat of
copper (or zinc) -> 10-20 usd for a 150cm rod.. :(

Will a rod of plain steel corrode (rust) so efficiently that it will
insulate itself from the ground in finite time? A rod of this kind would,
of course, be a free one compared to the cost of the commercial ones but
it'd not be too practical to have to hammer new rods every now and then -
especially as the soil is frozen from the _surface_ for "most" of the year
here in Finland.. :(

ps. Yes, I did read RQs postings about grounding..

btw: Stainless steel could be used for grounding, right? - it would
not corrode - or would it?


  Kristian Ukkonen.

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