Re: Inductive Ballasting

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I guess I still don't get it.  Sorry, I am a little slow at times.
Does a coiler connect to the secondary of the welder or the primary
with his feeder leads?  I assume that the welder winding that is 
not used is simply "stored".


>Quoting Harri S.
> > How is the arc welder actually done? I'm not familiar with     
> > those devices. If I know what it is made of I'd figure the     
> > principle out pretty fast. The ready-made unit seems nice!
>Quoting David Cooley <cooldave-at-nando-dot-net>:
> DC> It's a big step-down transformer, 240 volt primary,          
> DC> approximately 32 volts on the secondary up to usually 250    
> DC> amps (secondary).
>Right. Current is varied by a sliding shunt, or a moveable
>section of the core that disrupts the field flux and causes
>predictable saturation. Other models use a variety of taps into 
>different sections of the windings which control saturation.
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