more debugging


Check the phasing on your power supply. It sounds as if it is
possible that one or more transformers are out of phase.

Richard Quick


Thanks to Richard Quick.  He really knows his stuff.  
It turns out that not
one, but two of the four transformers were out of phase.  Now I am really
puzzled.  How did I get any power at all out of the transformer bank?  
I had four transformers, one 30ma, which was disconnected, one 60ma, and 
the two 30ma that were reversed.  I'm almost positive that the two 30s were
reversed with respect to the 60, yet I was getting some power out.

Anyway, I was able to get a 6" flaming spark from my power supply.  Next 
thing is to connect it to my coil again.  I'm also going to put it back on
my 3" coil, because I think that I may be able to get a bunch more spark 
out of it now that I actually have 150ma total current.