Running outside

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Well, I finally got the coil set up outside last night.  This whole project
turned out to be a lot of work.  After some initial testing for correct
tuning, I ran it up to about 5kva.  Damn, this thing still makes a lot of
noise.  You are correct, I will go talk to my 3 or 4 neighbors before I fire
it up again.  I am more impressed now knowing that you had your coil running
at 10kva in a residential neighborhood.  Everyone for several square blocks
must have been able to hear it easily.

I will say it is less impressive running outside than it was running in the
basement.  Before, it would be hitting something most of the time and making
white hot bolts when it did so.  Now most of the time it is just discharging
into the air and the discharges stay violet in color.  It does seem to have a
particular affininty for the strike rail just above the primary.  I will try
raising the toroid now that I have unlimited head room.  I also will set up a
target and see how far the discharges really are.  I don't remember seeing
any strikes to ground, but the toroid is quite high up - I have to stand on a
ladder to put the toroid on once I get the coil in place.

Next time I set it up I want to raise the toroid, work on tuning some more
and then open it up to full power which I think will be 8 to 8 kva.

Ed Sonderman