Book Review

Tad Wise, 1994, Turner Publishing, Inc. 1050 Techwood Dr., NW,    
Atlanta, GA. 30318, ISBN 1-878685-36-8 (Hardcover) ISBN 1-57036-
163-0 (Paperback). Distributed by Andrew & McMeel, 4900 Main St. 
Kansas City, MO. 64112 and available from Barnes & Nobel (Item #
B118884, $9.98 paper). Billed as a "biographical novel" this book 
is a very loose biography laced together with fictitious dialog
between Tesla and his co-workers, friends, and associates. The
book portrays Tesla in an unnecessarily bizarre light by playing
up on his eccentricities. In all fairness, others in the book are
not portrayed in their best light either; the description of
Edison as a mean gnomelike figure with snarled teeth who spews
with tobacco juice everywhere but the spittoon finally did the
man justice. There is no technical meat or merit in this

Richard Quick

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