Richard writes, in part:

>When using an arc welder as a current limiter, the primary
>winding on the welder is placed in series with one leg of the 240
>volt 50/60 cycle feed to the step up xfmr. Now we want current to
>flow through this circuit, we simply want to be able to control
>the amount of current. In order for current to flow at all, the
>secondary winding on the arc welder, that is the welder cables
>themselves, must be shorted out.
	Current WILL flow with the secondary open.  Not Much.  (OK.  I am
	nit picking....)

>The welding cables are equipped with clamps, so I just clamp the ends of the
>cable together.
	Yep.  The short circuit is "Reflected" to the primary.

	An alternative to shorting the secondary is to experiment with ballast
	_there_ which will be reflected back to the primary.  This will put
	the ballast in a high current part of the circuit, so it needs to be
	sturdy.  But if some largish iron wire is lying about, and something
	useful for a coil form, it would allow another measure of control.