Re: 1-atm plasma streamers

>Ed Harris' work with inert gas Plaasma Globes at ambient pressure shows
>that spark lengths are immensely increased in argon.  If I blow a stream
>of argon at a tiny flyback TC, 5" sparks jump up the stream!  Without the
>argon, the flyback will make a 1/8" corona and 1/4" sparks. 

How about letting a stream  of heated Argon rise from the Terminal of a TC
in very still air.
This approach might produce an interesting effect as well, mabye even a
'twister'  if a flat
platform were placed ontop of the terminal......................just a thought.
Hmm..............mabye some fun could be had  filling a large clear plastic
bag with argon, and resting
that on the terminal.
How far could the electrodes of a jacobs-ladder be spaced in an argon filled
enclosure? (not realy Tesla stuff, but an interesting concept.)