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Quoting gcerny-at-ix-dot-netcom-dot-com (Glenn Cerny):

> I picked up a 12,000v -at-30ma neon this past week.  Got my 3" 
> PVC, and aluminum flashing too.  Have about 5,000ft of 22ga 
> enameled wire on the shelf here.  Does anyone have a proven 
> design using these components?  I have the Tesla Coil 
> construction guide and 2 or 3 software programs.  The problem 
> is that the book does not cover my specific neon and the 
> computer programs do not come up with the same answer. 

Well your best bet is to start off with a capacitor that will
pretty well match your power supply. A .07 microfarad capacitor
will work just fine with this transformer.

Next you need to wind a coil set that will tune in with .07
microfarads capacitance on the primary. Are you thinking about 
winding the secondary coil on three inch PVC pipe? 

Richard Quick

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