Proven Design

I picked up a 12,000v -at-30ma neon this past week.  Got my 3" PVC,
and aluminum flashing too.  Have about 5,000ft of  22ga enameled wire 
on the shelf here.  Does anyone have a proven design using these 
components?  I have the Tesla Coil construction guide and 2 or 3
software programs.  The problem is that the book does not cover 
my specific neon and the computer programs do not come up with the
same answer.  Rather than risk frustration and being your basic 
lazy kind of guy, I thought I would ask the voices of experience
for advice.


P.S. the neon is un-potted and works well.  Have it on a 5 amp
General Radio Variac/Auto-transformer and it draws some beautiful arcs.