Re: Still more debugging...

Frankly, I was a bit surprised that you had not blown a cap
already at 15,000 volts (blowing a homemade cap here is almost 
a rite of passage). Go ahead and open the gaps up in small
increments, and keep your duty cycle very very low. 

Knowing that I was running with transformers out of phase would probably
explain why I never blew caps either.

Actually, I have never blown the rolled 60mil PE type caps.  I have blown
glass caps before.  The glass that I used was tempered shelving from an
old retail display.  When it broke, it shattered into the kind of crumbs that
you see from a car windshield.  The pieces shot out the sides of the cap, 
leaving an awful mess to clean up.

Well, I'll try opening up the gaps first.  By the way, Is it the same if
I add more pipes to the parallel gap?  
I can't lose regardless of what happens.  If the cap blows, it needed fixing
anyway since it has an oil leak.  If it doesn't blow, then I have a cap.

Thanks for the tips.  I have very little time to "play" these days, so 
even though I would love to spend more time experimenting, this feedback
allows me to make the most of my time.

I'll let everyone know what happens as things develop.