Re: TC's - And Cold Showe

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 > We think you should calm down, chill out, take a cold shower,
 > stop smoking those funny cigarettes, and --
 > Stay =well= away from anything to do with electricity:  Diamond,
 > being a crystalline form of carbon, is a rather good conductor
 > of both heat =and= electricity.  Indeed, such properties are often
 > used to distinguish genuine diamonds from fakes (like yourself,
 > perhaps ?)
 > Robert Michaels - Tough Enough
 > to Live in Detroit, Michigan
 > P. S. - Have you ever considered taking up stamp collecting?

 Te> Actually Robert, I suggest next time you should just flat out call
 Te> people liars rather than make the casual suggestion.  So next time
 Te> call me a LIAR and don't suggest it.  Understand???

 Te> Now that I got that off my chest.

 Te> Now I would like a good conversation on this subject.  If we can get
 Te> by the name calling that is.

 MG> I agree 100% 

 Te> Will...
 Te> PS;  Sorry if I have hurt anyones feelings.  I made what I felt was an
 Te> honest effort (I even stated that I am not an expert in this field)
 Te> and at the beginning I get gunned down.  If there is no interests then
 Te> I will withdrawl my efforts.

 MG> If we don't believe, or understand a statement made by another we
 MG> should seek to understand or keep our comments to ourselves, this type
 MG> of blasting comments serve no purpose here or anywhere else!
 MG> I've built alot of coils, I don't do somethings during construction
 MG> that you guys do, my coils run just as well and better than some of
 MG> the coils I read about here. But the issue is, I won't stand here and
 MG> say you guys are nuts, or doing things all wrong, because the fact is
 MG> different people do things different ways, and they have access to 
 MG> different types of materials. In short, NO BODY IS COMPLETELY RIGHT
 MG> NO WAY IS THE ONLY WAY. lets act like adults and LEARN from each other.

... Alias, Mark the spark
___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12