Re: Splitting & Tank

Yes, Richard Quick is right.

My first coil, and others since, have the bottom of the secondary and the inside
of the primary grounded together.  And they work well.  They may not tune as
sharply, but I assure you, they are indeed Tesla coils.  My first was from plans
done by Information Unlimited.  Many people here know of Resonance Research and
Mr. D. C. Cox.  This is a professional company that makes coils.  Guess what?
They use a common ground point on one side of the primary and the secondary.
I've seen Resonance Research coils wired this way produce 15' discharges.  I
know of at least 5 or 6 others that build them this way.  Any experienced
coiler, or any professional coiling company, will tell you can ground one side
of the primary and secondary together and have a nice working Tesla coil system.

I do intend to go to a "floating" primary eventually.  Several peoply have
assured me that these are more efficient and tune more sharply.  But don't rule
out the grounded primary.  They work well.  And because one side is grounded,
they are inherently a little more safe.

Scott Myers

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Re: Splitting & Tank :  NOT DR. TESLA'S
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> Mr. Quick:

> Regarding your Oct. 11th post to the Tesla mailing list in
> reply to a query from a Mr. McKee David  (tesla-at-grendel.
> objinc-dot-com):

> In your post you showed several Tesla Coil circuits drawn
> in ASCII characters (quite cleverly, actually).

> One such depicted the Tesla Primary connected to the
> bottom of the Tesla Secondary.

> The point of this post is to protest, please, in very strong
> terms the implication that such a circuit is a Tesla Coil.
> It is not.  Dr. Tesla would be especially peeved to see it
> characterized as such.

I fear not. The exact circuit you are referring to was taken from
page 154 of: THE COLORADO SPRINGS NOTES, 1899-1900 By Nikola
Tesla... Hardcover, 440pp, Published by NOLIT, Beograd,
Yugoslavia, 1978. See entry dated Aug 17, 1899. As Tesla even
specifies the ground connection in the text, there is no room for
error in the interpretation. You will also find common grounded
configurations on page 95, entry dated July 19, 1899 and on page
48 entry for June 27, 1899. In addition grounded tank circuits
may be seen in Tesla's Patent No. 723,188 (March 17, 1903) Fig.1
which show the secondary coil and tank circuit common grounded.
Modification of the same Patent, still with common grounded
primary & secondary coil, are shown in Patent No. 725,605 (April
14, 1903) Fig. 1.

> From reading the list I get that you are a particularly
> frequent, knowledgeable, and prolific contributor.  I
> readily defer to your obviously superior command of many
> things Tesla.

> Howsoeverbethatasitmay, as a life-long student of Dr. Tesla
> I respectfully submit that you are wrong in this instance.
> Your error would irk Dr. Tesla grievously and it irks those
> of us who are serious students of Dr. Tesla.

With all due respects, what is your point? Are you saying the
Tesla did not thoroughly examine every possible configuration for
the helical resonator and driving oscillator he invented? If so I
can assure you that you are wrong. If you are saying that simply
moving a connector from one location to another means that the
oscillator/resonator set are no longer Tesla coils (oscillator
driving a helical resonator) you are still wrong... But back to
my point: what is yours?

Richard Quick

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