Re: TC's - And Cold Showers

> We think you should calm down, chill out, take a cold shower,
> stop smoking those funny cigarettes, and --
> Stay =well= away from anything to do with electricity:  Diamond,
> being a crystalline form of carbon, is a rather good conductor
> of both heat =and= electricity.  Indeed, such properties are often
> used to distinguish genuine diamonds from fakes (like yourself,
> perhaps ?)
> Robert Michaels - Tough Enough
> to Live in Detroit, Michigan
> P. S. - Have you ever considered taking up stamp collecting?

	Actually Robert, I suggest next time you should just flat out call
people liars rather than make the casual suggestion.  So next time call me
a LIAR and don't suggest it.  Understand???

	Now that I got that off my chest.

	Perhaps it would do you well to understand the nature of diamonds.
Obviously you don't.  The diamonds that you refer to are made by nature
(I assume this, because you called me a fake).  Now these diamonds in Nature
are doped by nitrogen.  This makes them Semicondutors.  That is why you
can make them electrically conducting.  There have been reports in the
Scientific journals that conducting diamonds are being produced,  if you
can read?  You will notice that these diamonds are 'Doped'. (I hope I spelled
that right?).  In any case our diamonds are insulators with very high
insulating properties.  Sorry don't have the data in hand right now.  We
have developed techniques here so that we can apply the diamond films are near
room temperature on mass scales.  The reason that they are insulating is
because they are NOT doped.

	Now I would like a good conversation on this subject.  If we can get
by the name calling that is.

PS;  Sorry if I have hurt anyones feelings.  I made what I felt was an honest
	effort (I even stated that I am not an expert in this field) and at
	the beginning I get gunned down.  If there is no interests then I will
	withdrawl my efforts.