RE: Coil Progress/Capacitors

On Mon, 23 Oct 1995 tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com wrote:

> Right now, Plastic Capacitors looks the best.  It seems to be a smaller
> and will entertain smaller orders, and possibly better discounts.  They also
> indicate that they will work with me if one blows and replace it.  I belive   
> this is an experimental area for them also.  I know that this is also the
> of capacitors for Richard Hull.  Overall, Plastic Capacitors seems to want to
> work with me more.  They have a good customer service attitude.  I'm not
> out Condenser Products.  I know that's where Richard Q. got his matching 45KV
> pulse capacitors.  I'll keep you posted.
> Scott Myers

  Scott, et. al.:

  I'm kinda new to the list, but have built a couple of coils (one of 
which kinda roasted itself; my guess is poor coupling comined with poor 
construction). I have dealt with Plastic Capacitors before, and they were 
more than willing to replace my cracked and worn-out capacitors for just 
the price of shipping, even though I purchased the units used in Oklahoma 
City. At first, they were a little weary, but after I talked to one of 
the techs there, he opened up a little more, and said that anytime I, or 
any friends, needed caps, to call them, and they would try to work 
something out. I told him what I was working on, and he gave me some very 
helpful advice, and then told me that he was a coiler himself, he is in 
the builders society, and that he (and the company) strive to help the 
Tesla community in any ways possible. Among his other motives for this 
(besides making friends, helping others, all that) was, of course free 
advertising, but he didn't make a big deal out of it. Overall, I would 
say that they are a very friendly and helpful company, and strive to be 
as helpful as possible.

--Shaun Halstead