Re: Garage based coiling

Chip in particular or anyone in general,

After seeing the scans of your coil in action, I would like to know if you 
have electric garage door openers?  I ask this because I have two 
remote openers in my garage (where I will eventually be displaced to 
when I start hitting the walls in the basement), and I was wondering 
what precautions I can take to keep from frying them?  Removing the 
openers is not a viable option, and the garage is large enough so that 
direct strikes can be easily avoided.  Would unplugging the openers 
and shielding them before firing be adequate protection, or am I just out 
of luck?

This is going to be an issue Real Soon Now, since I am in the last 
stages of finishing my new primary, and I have a bunch of neon sign 
transformers waiting in the garage to get me going, and a small 14.4kV, 
2kVA potential transformer that I just picked up at Richard Hull's 
"Teslathon"  for when I get a rotary gap and get tired of tripping over the 
ganged neon sign transformers.

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)