Re: Capacitors and Frequency

Marcus Young wrote...
> How about coils with very low operating frequencies(Lets say 20kHz with
> terminal capacity)

What sort of inductance are you considering ? Capacitance ?
With a coil like this you could achieve very high L/C ratios
I would think.

> Will such coils cause much less stress on dielectrics ?

Some, but it depends on the type of plastics you are going to use.
Some are relatively insensitive to frequency, others aren't. Ed
Harris produced an excellent table of dielectric characteristics
a while back. I can mail you my copy if you like. Generally most
should be O.K. at this frequency.
     Ultimately it's going to depend on power levels you'll operate
at (as always).

> Will the additional inductance of such coils cause problems ?(apart from the
> wire cost)  :) 

I would think that you'll be trading off wire thickness and inductance
in a big way to keep coil size reasonable. What kind of coil size are 
you looking at ?