Re: LDPE Caps for 15kv Pulse

Thanks Richard,
It was good to hear, as Ide allready payed for the stuff! I was pretty sure
it could take 15kV, (or I would'nt have
paid for it) but just wondered if I could use that 40V 'push' in the varaiac

Its pretty amazing how dielectrics respond at different frequencies. HDPE
has at least has a 150kv per mm puncture voltage according to the avaliable
data from the manufacturer. I bet you could throw that one the window
too........ with a tesla coil!    :) I think these dielectric strengths are
based on a DC breakdown too!
I know that the voltge at least doubles in a tesla circuit, but what are the
nastiest voltage spikes experienced
by coilers? Has any one been able measure these, like when a circuit is out
of tune or a rotor isnt up to speed

>> Anybody know if 120mills ( 3mm ) of low-density polyethelene 
>> will be sufficient dielectric thickness for a 15kv system?
>Should work just fine if the material is dye-free virgin plastic
>(no recycled content) that is free from defects in the material
>and everything is very clean during the construction.

Yes, the stuff looks very nice and shiny. Foggy, but 'semi-transparent' ( If
you know what I mean)
Like home brewed beer  :)