Re: TC's - And Cold Showers

-> Hi everyone,
-> I am now in a position to offer this group an ultimate chance.  To
-> use the most advanced materials currently available to build the
-> best possible Tesla Coil.  By this I mean diamond insulation,
-> superconducting coils, and ect...
[ ... ]
-> 20 stories tall either.  My idea is to build the most compact coil
-> ever built that can handle input voltages in the millions at very
-> high amperes.  After all it is superconducting.
-> So what do you think?
-> Will...

    We think you should calm down, chill out, take a cold shower,
    stop smoking those funny cigarettes, and --

    Stay =well= away from anything to do with electricity:  Diamond,
    being a crystalline form of carbon, is a rather good conductor
    of both heat =and= electricity.  Indeed, such properties are often
    used to distinguish genuine diamonds from fakes (like yourself,
    perhaps ?)


                                       Robert Michaels - Tough Enough
                                       to Live in Detroit, Michigan

  P. S. - Have you ever considered taking up stamp collecting?