Re: 7000 volt pole pigs?

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>Hello everybody!
>I have been looking for a pole pig to start a coil with. It seems that where
>I live we only have 7000 volt primary circuts. I have asked the local power
>co. if they could get me a 14 - 22kv transformer and they can't find one.
>They did say they had a bunch of 7kv transformers. I already have 2 6kv
>neons rated at 30mA. Is the 7kv pole pig worth the trouble in getting since
>I already have some neons at almost the same voltage? I know the additional
>current would help, but how much? BTW, the 7kv transformers are rated from
>5kva all the way up to 150kva monsters. (have one in the back yard supplying
>the house, weighs 1200 lbs)
>Also, when is the Tesla group going to get it's own newsgroup? There seems
>to be more than enough traffic, and more people could partake that way.
>Thanks in advance for any replys... (hint hint)


The extra current helps a bunch.  Power is Volts times amps.  Two 5kva 7000
volt transformers would work great.  Use them is series and connnect the
center to ground just like the neon sign transformers.  You could even use
the single bushing transformers which are usually earier to get and just tie
the cases together.  You will need some inductive ballast and resistive
ballast in series with the primary to run them - and a big variac.

Ed Sonderman