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> Yep, I got the programs, there very nice, HOWEVER, what I 
> really NEED is a wiring diagram!  I assume that the primary is
> fed by some kind of oscillator? ?

The primary coil is an intregal part of the LC tank circuit

The Tesla group archive <tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com> is online. The
ftp-site is nic.funet.fi  alias  ftp.funet.fi and this site can
be connected using anon-ftp. The files are in the directory
/pub/sci/electrical/tesla and it's subdirectories. I have drawn
up several GIF circuit diagrams, including most of the popular 
tank circuit configurations, and these images are on-line. There
is also an extensive sub-directory of digitized coil photos. If
you are UUENCODE compatable I can attach these files to E-Mail
and get them to you that way. Let me know.

If one does not have online-ftp it is possible to get the files
using ftp2mail-gateways via e-mail. Some ftp2mail-services:

ftpmail-at-decwrl.dec-dot-com or ftpmail-at-cs.uow.edu.au
bitftp-at-pucc.princeton.edu or ftpmail-at-lth.se
bitftp-at-dearn or to bitftp-at-vm.gmd.de (Europe only)
ftpmail-at-grasp.insa-lyon.fr or ftpmail-at-ieunet.ie
bitftp-at-plearn.edu.pl or bitftp-at-plearn (Europe)
ftpmail-at-doc.ic.ac.uk or 

In order to get more information on this subject one has to send
mail to an address above and use just "help" as a body-of-letter
to get information on the precise format of the script language
that the particular site uses. If one uses the keyword "ftplist"
one will receive a list of the other sites available.

The information is available via World Wide Web as well - the url
is: http://ftp.funet.fi/ftp/pub/sci/electrical/tesla. This is
just the beginning of Tesla on WWW - there shall be more in the 
nearby future. <FTP tips by Kristian Ukkonen>

Richard Quick

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