Primary Strike Guard

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Quoting Scott Myers <102505.61-at-compuserve-dot-com>:

> In one of your recent messages you mention your primary strike
> guard or rail. What is this.  One turn of copper around the 
> outside of your primary that is grounded?  

Yes, but it is not a complete turn, rather it is an open turn
that is not allowed to loop back to itself.

> I remember someone else mentioning this a while back, probably
> Richard Quick.  Is this a must on high power coils?  


> Does it affect the coupling of the primary to the secondary; 
> i.e. - some coupling goes to this rail instead of the 
> secondary.

If the strike rail were a complete turn it would probably melt
from the induced current, but since it is open it does not bother

Richard Quick

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