Re: Capacitors and Frequency

Hi Malcolm and others,

>What sort of inductance are you considering ? Capacitance ?
>With a coil like this you could achieve very high L/C ratios
>I would think.

I havent really designed one yet, just exploring the basic posibilities
first. I suppose a secondary of this type might be around the one henry

>Ed Harris produced an excellent table of dielectric characteristics
>a while back. I can mail you my copy if you like. Generally most
>should be O.K. at this frequency.
>     Ultimately it's going to depend on power levels you'll operate
>at (as always).

Yes, I would be interested to see it. Please send it. Thanks!

>I would think that you'll be trading off wire thickness and inductance
>in a big way to keep coil size reasonable. 

I did a rough calculation based on 50cm diamater forms. They require around
2500 turns
to produce a coil which can resonate in the 16km band or around 18kHz unloaded.

>What kind of coil size are you looking at ? 

Well, with .6mm wire the form would need to be a little over 150cm in height.
Its a good h/d ratio I suppose........big sucker of a coil though!

I dont really plan on building one at the moment, as I have enough on my hands
right now with the Magnifier coil sets. Ive allmost finished a bunch of 1.5mm
LDPE caps so thats why Ime interested in frequency effects. The caps havent
been oil 
impregnated yet but they sure look nice! :) They actually look expensive! :) 

I wonder what the highest and lowest practical operating frequencies for
Tesla coils
are??????? I have heard of one tesla coil-like transformer where graphite
rods were resonated in a similar way. Just not possible to have a coil at
all! I dont really
know the details, I'll have to talk to the engineer again.

How low can you go?