RE: Getting Started

Hi Derrik,

While I am not an Engineer, I am studing for an EE degree.  I guess its not too
late for a 34 year old.

>Now I'm looking to build my first Coil.  My wife ( an Engineer Also ) wants
>to build a Jacobs Ladder too.
>Any Ideas where to find the Transformer for a Jacobs Ladder?

Thats an easy one.  Call a few neon sign shops.  Some will keep a few used ones
around.  Many shops have given them to me.  If they wont give you one, they
should sell them used for between $20-$30.  I use these to power primaries in
Tesla coils.  I have also built a few Jacob's Ladders with them.  With some 6
gauge copper, you can have one done in about 10 minutes.

I suggest using a 12 KV or 15 KV neon.  The 60 mA version is best, but a 30 mA
will do.  These voltages are best for both the Jacobs ladders and Tesla coils.
The lower voltages reduce the performance accordingly.

Scott Myers