Re: Voltage Reversal of Pulse Caps


I think there is a misconception concerning the concept of voltage 
reversal in TC primaries.  Namely, the voltage reversal having to do 
with the AC line is trivial compared to the RF oscillatory reversals 
that occur at the resonant frequency of the coil.  These cause much 
higher physical dielectric stress and corona problems.  It is difficult 
to calculate shot life for a series of RF bursts, but I do know that a 
conservative voltage rating is the key to long life (didn't a Tibetan 
guru say that?)

You wrote: 

>2.  By standard DC stress level per mil of dielectric is 136 KV.  The
>approximate hours of life at:
>	90% reversal	1,200 PPS	500 hours
>	90% reversal	   400 PPS	1500 hours
>	80% reversal	1,200 PPS	2500 hours
>	80% reversal	   400 PPS	7,500 hours
>	These figures are based on 15 KV RMS.