RE: capacitor questions!!!

Re: 60 cycle resonance
	The leakage inductance of the (neon) transformer
will absolutely resonate with the proper sized capacitor
at 60 cycles, and the resonant rise discussed above will
certainly take place.  As a simple and easy experiment,
set a spark gap so it "doesn't quite" break down with no
capacitor.  (Gap across the transformer, of course.)  No
Now start adding capacitance and you will see a resonant
rise and breakdown at a greater gap spacing.  Once brekdown
breakdown!!! takes place things get more complicated, but
point to remember is that you can easily blow up a transformer
with the right capacitor and gap combination.  I know.  I
have done it more than once before I sat down, thought
about it, and "wised up"
	The old "wireless books" discuss both the resonance4
between the power transformer and the capacitor, and the
resonance in the transmitting circuit.  Many old transformers,
particularly the 
!!-at--at-## return key!
Thordarson (RS?) series, which have an adjustable magnetic
shunt built in to allow resonating the transformer with
the capacitor.  I have one of these transformers here (1 
1 kw unit) which I have yet to fire up for fear of damaging
it.  When I get the new capacitors you have on order, and
wind a much bigger coil than the 3.1 inchers I am messing
with now, I will try it out.
Ed Phillips