Re: Mark's Big Coil

Re: Bill Wysock's "50 foot coil"
	Bill gave a demo for a local IEEE group in mid-October.
At that time his coil was set up outdoors at local radio station
KRLA.  I couldn't make it but a friend of mine who attended was
quite impressed with the "only 25 foot" sparks he was getting.
Bill attributed to problems due to a somewhat hasty setup and
the fact that there was a pretty good breeze blowing.
	I have noticed here that even my breath affects the
spark length of a small coil, and an electric fan blowing on
the toroid "cools things off" quite a bit more.  This is all
relevant to the recent communications about the spark
"growing with time", which it obviously does.  Sure none of
these observations are new to anyone who has messed around much.
Ed Phillips