Re: Building a coil

Hi all,
         Someone wrote (a day or two ago)....
> >Just out of curiosity, what is the smallest coil, size or powerwise, that
> >anyone of you have worked with?
My first secondary was wound on a 1-1/2" 12" long cardboard tube
from a cooking foil roll. I made a p-p oscillator driving a car
ignition coil to charge the caps. Not too sure of all the exact
details but could probably find them if vital. Spark gap was
made using two round-head brass screws with head slots filled
with brazing filler. I think it resonated about 1.6MHz. At its
best it produced a nice display of 6" long feathers and 4"
solid sparks. 
     Rather wimpy by todays standards.

* If it's under 10Amps it's leakage current *