Re: Power curve

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>My plan for my big coil is to voltage double (with diodes and caps) the 
>18KV from the transformer to produce about 45KVDC which I will feed to 
>the primary cap through a charging choke and series diode (I already 
>have these devices).  I made the mistake of increasing cap size to 
>0.2uf (50KHZ) and reached a limit of 25 feet of discharge at about 
>25KW.  Increasing the power to 50KW by increasing the rep rate or cap 
>size just led to molten gap metal with NO INCREASE IN SPARK LENGTH!!
>BTW 360w/ft is great!  Keep up the good work.


I am seriously impressed with 25 foot spark length.  Is this with 18kv input?
 Are you using two capacitors in the primary, one to each side of the primary

I think you are correct, the only way to increase the output from my present
system is by raising the input voltage.  This is difficult since I have a
14,400 volt pole pig and a 15,000 working voltage primary capacitor.  I would
be most interested in your efforts to build a voltage doubler that can stand
up at these voltages and currents.  Keep us posted.

Ed Sonderman