Re: Neon Transformer Questions

> Don,
> 	I was interested by your trip to Midwest Neon Supply. I have 
> read that much larger trnasformers are used in the manufacturing 
> process for  neon signs. They are called "bombarding" transformers 
> and are used to  remove impurities from the neon tube by heating it 
> with high currents. The  book I have suggests that 20kV at .2-.5 amp 
> was not uncommon! 
> 	Do you know if Midwest Neon Supply sells these kinds of 
> transformers? These transformers might be an alternative to pole 
> pigs  for some people if the windings can stand the abuse of a tesla 
> coil.

I've seen them advertised in neon supply catalogs and they cost 
mucho $$$$ new (in the thousands if I remember correctly).  Since 
they're "specialized", I don't know how readily you would find one 
surplus.  I imagine that you're better off looking for that surplus pole or 
potential transformer if you really want that kind of power.

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)