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> Just a quick note [about the] Scott Myers Powerstats. 
> Scotty, are you sure this thing isn't new (g)?
> Mine arrived in absolutely impeccable condition. Thanks a 
> million for your efforts. 

> Also, can this be hooked up to 115? I'm still stuck with neons
> until I blow a few more of them. Stan Harle

I would look ahead and start running 240 volts to the buss board
for the neons. What I do is to wire up the primaries of matched
pairs of neons in series, then throw 240 -> 280 volts across the
pairs of neons. For instance:

Take two 12kv 30ma neons. The primaries are rated at 120 volts.
The secondary outputs are matched in voltage and current. Wire
the two primary windings in series. These two transformers will
perform fine with 240 volts input direct from your new powerstat.
You can do the same with two 12kv 60ma neons, and you can wire
this pair in parallel with the pair of 12kv 30ma xfmrs... Pretty
soon you are running serious power into the banked power supply
at 240 volts, yet the amperage draw is still kept within breaker

Richard Quick

... If all else fails... Throw another megavolt across it!
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