Tesla coil, or not?

Hi Robert,

>All that sparks is not Tesla (or words to that effect).

SM>out the grounded primary.  They work well.  And because one side is
SM>grounded, they are inherently a little more safe.

>We have no argument here.

I'm still not sure anyone should argue over such a point.

There is really no reason that Nikola Tesla would be insulted about it.  He was
a human too.  Any type of resonating coil system that looks like these do will
always be identified with him.  That includes floating primaries or grounded
primaries.  And you know that's true.  Arguing about it won't change that fact.

Let me say this;  First in any circuit, electrons move between 2 points, + and
-.  Resonate circuits, follow the same fact, ie. - they resonate between two
points.  So what is the difference between them resonating between a supply and
its opposite pole or that same supply and the ground.  After all, they both
resonate.  If Nikola Tesla encountered a grounded primary coil built by someone
else, would he say that this is just a small change in his circuit and it was
still his.  Oh yeah, I think so.  Is the basic principal the same in each?  Oh
Yeah, most definitely.

I still say that there is no point to this argument.  These grounded primary
coils are accepted worldwide as "Tesla Coils".  Why argue it now, after all
these years?  It is simply mute.

I realize you won't buy that argument.  So, I'll make another.

If I were an patent attorney, could I use this difference to argue to patent my
grounded primary coil was not the same as that of Nikola Tesla?  You bet.  And
that is the exact same kind of argument that the likes of Thomas Edison and
other big money businessmen would use to screw people out of their just due.
After all, if you didn't have the financial backing to make a go of it, what
could you do?  Big money industry can crush anyone if it wants to.  The only
reason that that didn't happen to Nikola is because too many influential people
knew of his invention, including the government, who recognized his genius.  I
say that making this kind of an argument goes to diminish the credit that Nikola
Tesla gets.  He already gets way to little.  I realize that you feel profoundly
about Nikola Tesla.  But you are inadvertently doing him a diservice by making
this argument.  It serves no other pupose.

Scott Myers