Re: Wire Losses

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995 tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com wrote:

> The lowest resistance conductor you can find is best! Also as short a run
> of the conductor as possible. I will use an 8 foot earth rod directly 
> underneath the secondary. The base of L1 will be literally soldered to
> the earth rod. I reccomend drilling a hole in the garage floor, and
> hammering that sucker as deep as you can....just where you want it!  :)

I wonder how much effect will it have to use stainless steel instead of
copper on the ground-conductor? My grounding-scheme includes several
1.5meter long, 30mm diameter, 1mm wall pipes hammered to the soil and
these pipes interconnected with 14mm diameter stainless-steel pipes and
from the place of the grounding I'd use the some more of that 14mm pipe
buried under soil to get a connection to the place where I fire the
coils.. Does this sound reasonable - I'd guess that the pipe should offer
great surface for the RF but the resistance will be bigger.. AND: the
stainless steel will endure without rusting/corroding etc.. Opinions?

Other thing about chokes: I got some really heavy iron-cored chokes
but _should_ for some reason the filter-chokes be ferrite-cored or
will these do well? - I'm just wondering if the iron-laminated core will
"notice" the rf or will the greater inductance just do it's job anyway?