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>Subject: Re: status report, questions, etc.
>Re: Safety Gap
>	Maybe someone else can comment on this, but I'd be afraid
>of popping my transformers if I opened up the safety gap to any
>spacing which would not "just break down" with no load connected.
>A 3/4" spacing corresponds to an awful lot more than 15 kV!  That's
>the way I have wrecked several transformers in the past, and for
>some reason it took me quite a while to realize that with a capacitive
>load the output voltage of the transformer could go up to much
>more than the open circuit value! And I'm supposed to be an electrical
>engineer.....  Anyhow, any other thoughts on safety gap settings?
>Ed Phillips


I have my safety gaps set at about 1/2".  The idea is the gaps in the primary
circuit will always be set much closer than this and they will fire first.  I
have not changed my gap settings from the first neon transformer power up to
the current pole pig and rotary gap.  The only time my safety gaps fire is
when I get strikes down into the primary.

Ed Sonderman