Re: Mark's Big Coil

>	I am curious, as I'd imagine many on this group are, about your 
>giant coil. From your description it sounds like it was a very major 
>undertaking - both time-wise and financially! From what I know of my 
>Colorado Springs Notes, it sounds like your 25 ft. arcs are about as long as
>the longest Tesla ever reported (point to point).
>	Was there some reason for building it other than for pure fun?
>-Ed Harris
You can count me in on that one Ed!

I am also very curious about this MONSTER coil.
How do you maintain a 50KVA fuse ????
Can you explain the gap system in more detail?
Were the gap electrodes tungsten when you talk of "melting metal" ?
How many series gaps were there? 
How do you controll the current of such a coil?

Sorry about all the questions.
If you used the tank for a magnifier, theoretically you could get  
allmost 100 foot of arc in a highly tuned system! Though Ive been told
that Bill Wysock(a well known coiler) may have fallen short of this
with 40-60 foot arcs! Still big sparks allright. 
Though I believe you could still get 40-60 footers with that
kind a' juice going in.

Wow, I'de love one of those!