Neon Transformer Rebuild

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Quoting Ephraim Nussbaum <nussbaum-at-silly-dot-com>:

> Well I noticed the core is soldered together. So what should I
> do? The xfrmer says on it Franceformer made by Scott and      
> F Co. Should I find myself and different supply of 
> transformers?

I think your supply may be OK, you just need to move to a
different type. I generally re-build the 9000 volt and upwards
neons. The amount of work involved in rebuilding is exactly the
same, but the higher voltage transformers produce much better
results for the same amount of effort.

> Also on this transformer the secondary is on one side of the 
> core not like you drew it and there are two wires attached to 
> the core what are these.

Yes, It seems I have seen one or two of these. Any wires
connected to the core are grounds. I would suggest again that
this particular voltage rating and model is perhaps not as well
suited to your purposes as say a: 9 kv 30 ma, 9 kv 60 ma, 12 kv
30 ma, 12 kv 60 ma, 15 kv 30 ma or a 15 kv 60 ma. I would start
out with a 9 kv or 12 kv model in either 30 or 60 ma rating for
my first project. This would be quite a bit closer to the
diagrams, sketches, and instructions I have laid out in the past.
It will also be much more functional for your high voltage
project requirements.

Richard Quick

> BTW do you know when the (usa-tesla) list willbe back up?

I have no idea, send inquries and complaints to: tesla-at-usa-dot-net
this is the address of the Dick, the list owner who apparently
has a hold on things.

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