Re: Neon Tranformer bypass caps.

Re: Bypass capacitors
	I hate to do this to High Voltage Press, but those capacitors
are identical (same manufacturer, same lots) as the ones sold for
$4.95 by:

Nick Andree 
305 Wisconsin Ave.
Oceanside, CA 92054 

I have bought from both sources and they really are the same!
Last buy was about a month ago, and Nick still had plenty at
that time.
	Running these as primary capacitors I have popped one,
but had run it for several minutes and it was very hot, which
seems to be the kiss of death for these doorknob ceramics.  I
suspect they will last a long time if they are run for short
enough intervals that they don't get hot.
	By the way, the voltage from the transformer was about
12 kV, and the frequency around 450 kHz.  About 300 sparks
per second, judging by the sound.
Sorry, HV Press
Ed Phillips