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Heres some more info on putting in ground rods etc that I got from

Michael Marmor, mmarmor-at-pluto.njcc-dot-com,
Subject:        Re: Best way to install ground rods?

>I recently bought an 8 foot copper ground rod to be used as my
>station ground.  Does anyone have any advice or tips on ways to
>install the rod?  I am concerned that it might bend if hit with a
>sledgehammer.  Also, does the 8 foot rod need to be driven all the
>way in to have an effective ground.  (I do not know how the soil
>conductivity is at the QTH here in Princeton, New Jersey; I imagine
>conductivity dictates how deep the rod must be to function
>Michael, AA2UJ

I received many replies to my post about installing ground rods.  
Since this info may be of use to other amateurs installing antenna
systems I will post some of the replies I received.