No Subject

I was looking at a magazine and saw a little blurb in the handy tips 
from readers.  This blurb described how a guy puts in ground rods.  His
method works best in clay rich soils.  Here's what he does:

Dig a hole about a shovel wide and a shovel deep.  Fill this with water 
and push the ground rod in as far as you can.  This will be only about 
3" or so. Then pull the rod out of the hole and let the water fill it up.  
Then push the rod back into the hole.  From then on, don't pull the rod 
completely out of the hole, but just work it up and down, pushing it in 
a little farther each time.  He says that he can put in 8' ground rods 
by hand without pounding. I'll have to try that technique myself some-
time soon.